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The PORTATANK® is a convenient and easy-to-use water storage solution that can be purchased and easily transported by a motorcycle, passenger vehicle, PMV, or dingy.

  • It can be assembled within an hour using the simple instructions provided or by following the installation video.
  • Made from high-quality PVC bladder material that has been accredited by the Australian Water Quality Centre as safe for human consumption, it can be disassembled and reassembled in a new location if needed. The bladders are made from high quality, 1000 grams per meter square, reinforced UV protected PVC which is put under stress testing for bubbles and HF weld quality checks.
  • The bladder is completely sealed, preventing any leaves, insects, or sediment from entering and contaminating the water.
  • The frame is made from high-quality, fully hot dipped galvanized wire mesh. 
  • Suitable for use in urban and rural areas, as well as for home, commercial, and agricultural use, it is a cost effective alternative to heavy and bulky storage tanks.
  • The PVC plumbing is in common metric standards.
  • PORTATANK® can be carried through a standard 700ml doorway and assembled indoors if need be, while 8 units of any size can fit comfortably in an average size elevator to be brought to rooftops and assembled there, thus saving on scaffolding or heavy machinery required to lift traditional hard-shell tanks.
  • 138 units can fit into a 20ft container for transport via sea freight.
  • Due to the products unique size they can fit between the passenger seats of a Cessna Caravan or be transported via international airline carriers in emergency situations.

PORTATANK® 10,000L Water Storage Tank

  • From our neatly packaged and lightweight unit which is easily transportable to a fully fuctioning and durable installed water tank holding 10,000L of precious water, only PORTATANK®.


    • Volume: 10,000L


    • Packaging: 1500x380x380mm


    • Footprint: 2900mm


    • Weight : 57kg

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