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•Tested by BCS laboratories issued 09/02/16 based on an adaption of NSF/ANSI P231 Protocol.

•Produces up to a maximum of 2,000,000 litres (528,344gallons) of clean water with an extra filter.

•Store up to 750 litres (198 gallons) of water in the C2 at onetime, the C2 will provide 300 people with clean water for 6 years if used daily.


Water flows at a rate of 12 litres (3.17gallons) per minute (6 litres (1.58 gallons) of water per tap).

•Failsafe technology–once the filter membranes are blocked, water can not pass through, keeping users safe.

•Exceeds EPA Guidelines for microbiological purifiers:

Bacteria retention = 99.9999%

Virus retention = 99.99%

Cyst reduction = 99.9%


•Cost per litre of sanitized water: USD$0.015 / TSh35

LifeSaver® 750l C2 Tank

SKU: 002
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