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•Tested by BCS laboratories issued 18/02/16 based on an adaption ofNSF/ANSI P231 Protocol

•Unique twist/push-top / Tap outlet / Protective mesh /Replaceable cartridge/ Removable hand-pump / Sturdy pump handle / Carry handle / ExceedsEPA


Guidelines for microbiological purifiers:

Bacteria retention = 99.9999

Virus retention = 99.99%

Cyst reduction = 99.9%

•Failsafe technology–once the filter membranes are blocked, water can not pass through, keeping users safe.

•Initial flow-rate = 1.25L/min

•Cost per litre of sanitized water: USD$0.03 / TSh6

LifeSaver® 5l Cube 5000UF

SKU: 006
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