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The LifeSaver C1 launch with The Deputy Minister for Energy MH. Subira Mgalu as our Honored Guest

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

We had little time to get our launch done as we knew how fast the post production team would be with the #EndtheWalkforWater video, early footage and voice over options were already coming in from the post production team. We had lots to organize in a very short time, and guess what? It all came together smoothly and easily, the #MullaConnection was beginning to trend!

It was a very hot afternoon the day we decided to do the launch, some close friends and family members had come to support and I remember feeling guilty as they roasted in the sun when the chairs were still being set up under the tent. The DJ was testing his equipment and in typical Tanzanian fashion, red lining the volume while bellowing "TEST" "TEST!" "TESTING!!!" into the mic. Ram, Ulla, Luisa, Deb and Dad, thank you for coming to support us that day it was truly appreciated and specially noted by the Deputy Minister herself.

Soon after our Honored Guest arrived we began with more product demonstrations, some deeper explanations of the technology led to one of the very first times that we discussed openly what we felt would be the impact of this contribution from LifeSaver. We had envisioned improved attendance due to less illness, more time in the classroom resulting in improved grades. We hoped pride of having such an asset would drive the teachers to work harder and spend more time working on lessons, incentivised further by the personal cash savings on clean drinking water.

Naweed stood up and spoke for some time, thanking the various local leaders in attendance and of course the kind Deputy Minister for gracing us with her presence. She was the perfect person to come and witness our launch, she really resonated with the students and gave us genuine and honest feedback, with the promise to share our good story. The speech she delivered was diplomatic and appealing to all, she spoke for the people and of her plan to do her work for them.

The children danced and sang again, we were interviewed by local news channels, papers and radio stations, the reporters were very excited and interested to get the full scoop. Well we gave it to them and even ended up agreeing to go on a Friday morning surprise show with AZAM TV and a radio programme for TBC, a story for another time. MH. Subira Mgalu cut the ribbon and our launch was complete. We felt complete and like we had really accomplished so much in such a very short time, with very little resources we had really made a difference.

We knew from that day forward that this was how we would run African Aqua Solutions, selecting our investments and driving our growth through intelligent spending on innovative technology, tailored to Africa, which are sustainable and cost effective. Naweed and I had no idea back then how long it would be before we started talking seriously about our own R&D innovations lab. Another story for another time!

Author - James Bruce Taylor - Head of Aid & Marketing Director for AAS

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The mulla family has always been known for their generosity and care for society. Availability of clean and safe water has always been a challenge in parts of Tanzania and Africa in general. Hopefully this will change that. Great job to all of you at African Aqua Solutions.

Replying to

Thank you so much Lilian, we are always in awe of and forever grateful to our co-founder and Managing Director, Naweed Mulla, and for the endless support from the Mulla family and group of companies. They have supported our good work since the beginning, I hope that bigger companies with more influence can see the impact they are making so they might join us and get involved with future projects. That is when we will see massive change!


Wendy Hodgson
Wendy Hodgson
Oct 25, 2021

A necessity for every person in Africa. May this have a far-reaching impact.

Replying to

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement Wendy, keep following for more stories, we hope to catch up to date within the next couple of months so our stories become more current.

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